Women’s Self-Defense Course

Your best weapon is your mind. Self-Defense is effective when you learn to create and follow a set of rules that will not allow you to put yourself in a position that endangers your life.

Our WSD Course lays a foundation for awarenesss and develop a set of rules to govern yourself by. We incorporate Five Components to Self-Defense; Body/Environment Awareness, Positive Self Image-Self Confidence, Assessing a stranger's needs or wants, Attitude/Posture, Physical Strength-Endurance.

Don't be a statistic! FBI statistics inform us that in the United States a women is raped once every 6-minutes. One in five women will become a rape victim at some point in her life. Studies show that how a woman reacts during the first twenty-to-thirty seconds of a confrontation with an attacker can make the difference between whether or not she is physically or sexually assaulted. Prepare yourself beforehand with out WSD Course.

During the course you will be extensively going through awareness of your body and surroundings, verbal assertiveness, escapes (chokes, grabs, front and behind), effective tools for defending yourself, vital points of attack - focusing on women's strengths, different attack scenarios, defense against weapons, the use of tear gas / pepper spray and the five second knockout.