LaoShr James Poindexter

James has been studying martial arts for over 27 years. He Started at a young age learning JFK (Japanese Federation Karate) and becoming a green belt in that system before entering high school. James wrestled all through out high school in greco roman and collegiate style tournaments. Upon graduation of high school he got heavily involved with Kempo Karate and became an black belt / instructor and at that time James had also been competing in full contact Thai boxing on an amateur level. James was very interested in different styles of martial arts and started to get instruction in every style that caught his interest. Some of them being: jujitsu, judo, shaui-jaio, and sambo.

James met a Chinese internal martial arts master at a seminar and it change his whole perception of fighting and the martial arts as a whole. James has now been studying the internal arts for over 17 years. Studying the Internal Arts has helped him learn how apply advanced body mechanics and use the manipulation of energy to all the different techniques from the many styles he has learned over the years.

James focuses his training on using the mind and refined power (advanced body mechanics and subtle bioenergetics) over brute force. He continues to train on the movement of energy by utilizing the mind and its power over physical reality and limitations. James specializes in competitive fight training, power training, sword combat, knife fighting and unarmed defense against the knife and gun attacks for police officers and security personnel.